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About PyroDynamics

Local family owned company with over 20 years experience, servicing from domestic, commercial, industrial and mining sectors. Services include Fire Protection, Electrical Contracting, Air-conditioner Installations, Solar Installations and Mining Maintenance.

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Unit 1-1 Longwall Place
Paget, QLD, 4740

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We had PyroDynamics install an Enphase Micro Inverter System on our home, and wow we are very impressed by the professional and efficient service they offer, and our power bill has never been lower!. These guys know there stuff, if you are looking into solar i highly recommend PyroDynamics!

— Simon Menage', Homeowner , Mackay QLD
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The Enphase Installer Network helps you connect with experienced Enphase installers in your area. Now you can easily find installers who specialize in Enphase, and support a local business by going solar.

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Installing your PV system is only part of what installers do. Our listings let you see all the valuable services an installer provides, from design and maintenance to adding solar batteries.

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Our badge rankings let you evaluate an installer’s Enphase expertise before you take the next step. Whether they’ve done 50 Enphase installs or 250, you’ll know you’re in experienced hands.

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