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Jobe Roofing has been serving Southern California since 1998 with superior roofing, maintenance, and now solar services. We service residential, commercial, and industrial. We work hand in hand with the manufacturers of our products in order to make sure we can offer you the most value and long term protection that will ultimately offer the most peace of mind. By choosing Jobe Roofing for your new Roofing and Solar Integrated system you are ensuring a professionally done job from start to finish, and will be making the right choice for you, for your family or your business.

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Jobe Roofing offers a range of services to help maximize and maintain your energy savings.

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Solar PV Installation

Installation of the PV system on your roof.

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My experience with Jobe Roofing has been overall great. They put a brand new roof and solar panels on my multi-family old California Craftsman home. My rule of thumb is always get three bids and then choose the one that best fits your needs. While Jobe was actually the highest bid, I was convinced that he was the best due to the materials he planned on using (of which he provided copious amounts of informational material) and by his on-line reviews and reputation. Jobe's workers were timely, quick, and efficient. And the office was ready and available for any and all my questions and responded immediately to any issues (all minor) that I had. The quality of the roofing workmanship was readily apparent from the get-go. The upstairs was immediately cooler because of the insulation they used. The roof looks great and hasn't had any leaks during the recent rains. With regards to the solar panels, it is a no-brainer to have the roofer install them, as they have an intimate knowledge of your roof. Jobe assured me that they would provide the highest quality, up-to-date, most efficient solar panels. Now, of course, most people say that, and you can read informational material until you're blue in the face, but I was happily surprised when the LADWP rep came to switch on my solar panel power and was suitably impressed by the actual solar power system. That just reinforced my appreciation of the superior grade of materials that Jobe uses. I have recommended Jobe Roofing to friends who were very happy with the job done. And I'm about to use Jobe again to install more solar panels for my second unit.

— Jason White, Homeowner, Los Angeles, CA
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The Enphase Installer Network helps you connect with experienced Enphase installers in your area. Now you can easily find installers who specialize in Enphase, and support a local business by going solar.

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Installing your PV system is only part of what installers do. Our listings let you see all the valuable services an installer provides, from design and maintenance to adding solar batteries.

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Our badge rankings let you evaluate an installer’s Enphase expertise before you take the next step. Whether they’ve done 50 Enphase installs or 250, you’ll know you’re in experienced hands.

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